The following Labview drivers are available for free download, for help and assistance with the use of these drivers please download the Labview driver manual, alternatively please contact Matelect Ltd directly.
PDsoft is a new fully integrated software package that has been developed to provide a single environment in which to talk to all of our current and previous PD products, and control them where applicable.
PDsoft has many advanced features, not only has it the usual scanner controls but it also has the ability to perform load synchronisation for ACPD equipment. It has a formula entry system, this allows the software to give a 'mm' output in real time.
Why not download and try the evaluation version, if you like it just get in touch and we can send out a license.
Control and read up to 16 different instruments, or select any channel of our scanner systems from the same package sequentially.
All readings displayed on a graph in real time and recoded in a CSV file.
Adjust and store the settings of your instrument. (Where the instrument allows)
Enter your own user formulas using the readings of your PD instrument as variables, and get real time 'mm' outputs, displayed in a graph and stored in CSV format.
Synchronise your ACPD readings with the load cycle of your machine. (Extra hardware required)