Matelect have been in the potential drop business since the beginning of the 1980's. The company was started by an electrical engineer and a materials scientist who together decided to turn the fruits of their university based research into a manufacturing business. Matelect's first commercial product was the CGM-3 ACPD crack growth monitor. This was followed by the greatly improved version designated the CGM-5, after various circuitry updates the CGM-5R was born this remained our major product for the ACPD user for many years and is still widely respected in the testing community. In 2001 the fully microprocessor controlled CGM-7 was introduced, signalling a major step forward in functionality and usability it is now widely regarded as the premier ACPD instrument for research use.

In 1993, we expanded into the established, traditional DCPD market with a definitely non- traditional microprocessor based pulsed DC system, the DCM-1. In 2003 having taken on board user feedback about the DCM-1 we introduced the DCM-2, with a similar feel and look of the CGM-7 and again with a major step forward in terms of functionality and usability the DCM-2 has rapidly become a favourite among the DC potential drop community.

Over the years we have augmented both the AC and DC potential drop instruments with a wide variety of peripherals, including multiplexing modules, hand held depth probes and sophisticated data acquisition software. Information on all these products is to be found on this website.

We also manufacture the ISM-6A, the ISM-6A is employed in conjunction with a scanning electron microscope to image electrically active defects in semiconductor materials and devices. Long regarded as the industry leader, the ISM series offers quantitative as well as qualitative facilities, the former enabling device parameters and materials data to be obtained. The ISM-6A builds on the original ISM-5 unit which is found in many research labs worldwide.

Whilst we remain a commercial organisation, Matelect has not lost sight of its research based roots, all of our employees are university graduates and we pride ourselves in our ability to provide end-users with detailed assistance and applications support. Matelect also undertakes bespoke design and manufacture for those customers whose needs cannot be met from our standard product line.