Up to 80 Joules weld power (highest in it’s class).

Three adjustable power ranges: 20, 40 and 80J.

Argon gas flow meter incorporated.

Charge indication and ‘wait’ lamp with interlock.
Weld delay in Argon mode to allow gas shield to form.

Ideal for all transducer / sensor production.

Hands free footswitch included.

A Resistance spot-welding rig is available as an ‘add on’.
The model SR-80 thermocouple welder has been specifically designed for the fast and efficient production of thermocouple measuring junctions and other fine wire welds such as those required for Potential Drop measurement wires. Using capacitance discharge as the energy for the weld, wires of up to 1.6mm dia. can easily be welded with minimum user experience.
Production of fine wire welds such as those required for signal and current connections in potential drop measurements.