MAT-3 HANDHELD PROBE (For use with CGM-7 and CGM-5R)
Spring loaded pins.

Built in precision pre-amplifier circuit.

Detachable probe heads for user specific measurements.
Matprobes are designed to be used with the CGM series of crack growth monitors, allowing the user to obtain crack depth data in the field without the need to provide permanent contact to a specimen. Spring loaded pins are utilised to form some or all of the contacts necessary for operation. The probes are designed to be used as handheld devices although it is possible to incorporate them into other apparatus to maintain fixed geometries (e.g. for use on a production line).
The MAT-3 handheld probe is an advanced crack depth measurement probe which is made up of an outer aluminium tube body and two PTFE inserts containing, a high precision pre-amplifier circuit as well as a detachable probe head that contains all the necessary contacts to pass both the current and pick up the resultant ACPD voltage signals.
In field crack depth measurement with CGM units.