Sophisticated filtering options. The unit has 3 filter positions, OUT, 20mS or 200mS.
High Current O/P, up to 50A. Variable in steps of 10mA.
External pre-amplifiers for high SNR signal pickup.
Pulsed DCPD as standard.
Triggering available at peak and trough of load cycle waveform input.
Two channels as standard, reference and specimen.
Slow crack growth
Crack sizing
Dynamic crack growth studies
Crack closure studies
Crack initiation
Fatigue crack initiation
Condition monitoring
Stress corrosion testing
The DCM-1 is an advanced DCPD crack growth monitor that utilises the pulsed direct current technique to monitor the propagation of cracks within metal specimens undergoing mechanical testing. Its microprocessor based design and pulsed current facility have resulted in a compact and lightweight DC system for use in the laboratory. The DCM-1I is a fully floating version of the DCM-1.
The DCM-1 is a two channel (reference and specimen) pulsed DCPD unit, housed in a portable enclosure that can either be bench or rack mounted. Z8 microprocessor controlled main unit with separate DC pre-amplifier unit. Cold cathode fluorescent backlit super twist LCD graphics panel, 240 x 128 pixels.