High stability and ultra high resolution.
Switchable output filters, very low freq, 80Hz and out position.
Automatic phase setting, maintains the correct phase as conditions change. Also fixed and manual phase operation.
Variable supply current, 0 to 2 amps continuously adjustable
Multi frequency operation, frequencies of 300Hz to 100kHz can be selected in steps.
Full range of options, the unit may be enhanced by multiplexing units, probes and data acquisition software.
Slow crack growth
Crack sizing
Dynamic crack growth studies
Crack closure studies
Crack initiation
Fatigue crack initiation
Condition monitoring
Stress corrosion testing
Designed for the accurate measurement of crack growth in metals, the CGM-5R Crack Growth Monitor operates by establishing an alternating current of constant amplitude and frequency in the specimen surface, or across some region where a crack is expected to develop this is an established technique covered by the ASTM 647 standard. Very high sensitivity and accuracy is possible because the frequency of operation may be chosen to suit the electrical properties of the particular metal or alloy under investigation. This induces a pronounced skin-effect enhancement of the A.C.P.D. signal level.